September 10th, 2020

Main Lesson

To watch the episode of Further Back In Time For Dinner today please click on the green link below.  For this morning's task you need to watch Episode 1 The 1900s.

The episode is about 1 hour long. 


Please open up the writing instructions before viewing and read through the questions.  


There are some scenes in this episode that some of you may not wish to watch - the cooking of a skinned rabbit and a calf's head.  If you wish to avoid seeing these parts please skip the following sections:

  • When the mother and daughter in the kitchen hear a male voice calling out 'Rabbit oh!'.  This will be about 14 minutes into the episode.  Skip ahead to 15:48 minutes and you will miss the skinned rabbits.

  • When the father and son are coming back to the house on their bicycles and they say, 'The girls are going to freak out.'  This will be 26 minutes into the episode.  Skip ahead and to 31:10 minutes and you will miss the boiling of a calf's head to make Federation Mock Turtle soup. 








Further Back In Time For Dinner

Once you have watched the episode, please contact your classmate at your scheduled time and follow the instructions on the Writing Instructions document.


Writing Instructions

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