October 6th, 2020

Main Lesson


Please listen to the audio below. 













The writing on the blue page of the timeline may not print very well in black and white, so I have attached below another PDF for you to copy the writing from.  You will still need to refer to the timeline to know where to place each section of writing.  




Please ask your parents to send me a photo of your completed timeline.



New Information

Please listen to the audio below.  There is so much I want to fit in this Main Lesson for you that I have talked on and on!  I think it would be a really good idea to take a break half way through, go off and do something else for a while (run around the block, ride on your bike, play some guitar, sing some songs, do some drawing, maths.....) and then come back and listen to the rest later.  A good place to stop would be after I ask you to watch the first video.  I promise my audios will be shorter tomorrow!  

When watching this video, please note that I have made a mistake in the audio.  It is not Uranus whose axis tilts at the largest angle.  When you work out which planet does does have the largest tilt, you may well work out something else very interesting.  You will also see that they put Mercury's tilt at 0 degrees rather that 0.1 degrees.  

Example of how to set out your timeline.

Ptolemy's and Copernicus' Models of the Solar System

Present Day Model of the Solar System

Timelime Audio
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Solar System
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