September 9th, 2020

Main Lesson

Today's Main Lesson task is to complete your Family Tree.  If you missed last week's instructions regarding this, you will find them in the first document below.  If you have all your information and are ready to go, please go straight to the second document.  I can't wait to see all of these.  It will be very interesting to see where we are all descended from! 









Please ask your parents to send me a photo of your completed writing and drawing.


Information About Tomorrow's Lesson

For tomorrow's Main Lesson you will be watching a video and then contacting one of your classmates (randomly selected by me) to ask each other a set of six questions that I will be giving you tomorrow.  Today I will text each of your parents with the telephone number of the classmate that you have randomly been paired with.  Sometime today you will need to text your classmate to organise a time that will suit you both to chat tomorrow.  For those of you that are working at school, I will come in to facilitate your call with your classmate, so I will contact them for you to organise what time suits them best to chat.    




Last Week's Instructions

Today's Instructions

Example of a Family Tree

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