Morning Practice (15 minutes)

Poem (5 minutes)

This week you will find attached a poem by a very famous English Romantic poet called William Wordsworth.  I have included both verses of the poem, but we will only learn the first verse in bold font.



Tables (5 minutes)

  • Chant and move the x3 tables

  • Write out ten times any of the x3 tables that you don't know.  (If you know all your x3 tables, take the opportunity to practise others that you don't know.)

Spelling (5 minutes)

On Monday, copy out your spelling words into your spelling book from the list below.  Make sure that you find out the meaning of any unknown words please - no point learning how to spell a word you don't know how to use!  On Fridays, please ask one of your parents to test you on your words and send me through your results.  Make sure that any words you didn't spell correctly on the test, you carry over onto next week's spelling list.     




The Stars are Mansions Built by Nature

Spelling List

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